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MBSR 4 HOUR WORKSHOP: by John McLaughlin
February 27th, 1 to 5 pm @BHW   Cancelled: New Workshop TBA
Cost: $40
In this highly interactive and participatory 4 hour workshop we will have presentations and discussions related to stress and stress reduction covering some of the same topics discussed in the full 8 week MBSR course. We will focus on some of the more important unconscious and conditioned habits of mind and body that cause most of our stress and learn ways to interrupt these counterproductive “cycles of suffering”.  We will briefly discuss the science and research showing the effectiveness of MBSR on a variety of dis-eases including anxiety and depression.

More importantly we learn and engage in ancient eastern practices including breath meditation, mindfulness and body awareness exercises to lessen the deter mental physical and psychological effects of stress, allowing us to live with greater health, ease and well being.
Participants will:
  • Discuss and investigate the nature of stress; its causes and conditions
  • Analyze the role of thoughts, beliefs and perspectives in causing stress
  • Explore and develop the preeminent quality of mind; Mindfulness
  • Practice experiential skills related to meditation and body awareness exercises (Chi Gong & Yoga)
  • Learn new trans formative strategies to interrupt the conditioned habits that lead to stress

MBSR  8 WEEK COURSE: by John McLaughlin
March 8th to May 3rd,  (no class March 22nd) Tuesday Nights, 7 to 9 pm @John Fick/Moss Clinic MWH    View Map 
Daylong Retreat April 16th, 9 am to 3:30 pm @ Zen Farm in King George
Cost: $250 (email John if cost is prohibitive)
Must come to ONE free MBSR Orientation before registering:
March 1st, Tuesday 7 to 8 pm John FIck/Moss Clinic   View Map 
March 3rd, Thursday 7 to 8 pm England Run Library     View Map

The MBSR curriculum is traditionally taught as an 8 consecutive week (2 hours per class) course which allows for time in between classes to practice the guided meditations and to “try out” our new realization in our daily lives.  I ask participants to commit to 45 minutes a day doing  the guided home practices. There is also a 6 hour silent weekend retreat near the end of the course.
The  classes are highly interactive and experiential and are limited to 25 people.  Each week we have a new presentation and discussion on various topics relating to stress and stress reduction. We also learn a new meditation and body awareness exercise in each class as well as talk about our mindfulness practice and how it relates to our weeks experiences.
MBSR is a fascinating journey into the core of our being.  Join us as we explore together what it is to be alive in this human form.
If you want to go fast go alone,  if you want to go far, go together”      African proverb

Saturday March 5th, 1 to 3 pm @ BHW    View Map
Cost $ 20
Dr. Christine Thompson, a practicing chiropractic and nutrition specialist. She has been practicing in Fredericksburg since 1996 and recently shifted her practice to an emphasis on comprehensive Wellness Programs based on the 6 Pillars of Health and individually tailored to each person’s needs and goals. Dr. Thompson emphasizes science and research based natural, safe solutions to common lifestyle-mediated illnesses and health issues.

Dr. Thompson has developed the “Cleanse Your Liver, Energize Your Life!” program to assist and augment the liver’s normal bio-transformation duties of transforming and removing harmful toxins from the body by using high quality plant-based supplements, protein smoothies and dietary restrictions for 3 to 4 weeks. The program is effective for people with digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, weight gain, allergies, joint pain, sleep problems and a host of other health issues.

March 19th, 1 to 3 pm @ BHW  View Map
Cost $20 for individual workshop or $50 for all 3 lectures in series

Achieve Optimal Health

  • *What 10 Things Should you do Every Day to achieve Optimal Health?
  • *What top 5 ingredients does this nutritionist always have in her kitchen?
  • *What 5 moves can you do anywhere/take anywhere/combine in any fashion for a quick & effective workout?
  • *What 5 foods should you try to get into your diet on a daily basis?
  • This 2 hour seminar led by Clinical Nutritionist & Health Coach Donna Hetrick will dig through the trends and get to the nitty gritty to help you get your butt and your health into gear!

YOGA & ESSENTIAL OILS:  by Abby Moulton
April 9th, 1 to 3 pm @ BHW   View Map
Cost: $20
Let go and open to life with this vinyasa yoga class that combines specific postures to create balance within the body.  The primary focus of this class will be letting go of stress and opening hips and chest/shoulders.  We will pause periodically to apply key essential oils that will energetically uplift, center, open, and release both the body and mind.  Are you curious to hear about the healing benefits of doTERRA essential oils?  Come join Abby Moulton, 200 RYT and Gold doTERRA Educator, to see for yourself just how amazing they are!

*In order to help educate about how to effectively use essential oils for health benefits, the latter 45 minutes of the class will be an information session.  Clients will have the opportunity, if desired, to purchase essential oils.  


April 16th, 1 to 3 pm @ BHW   View Map
Cost $20 for individual workshop or $50 for all 3 lectures in series

Balanced & Beautiful!

  • *Discover which foods balance your hormones naturally
  • *Ways to Support your thyroid, adrenals and sex hormone production
  • *No more feeling Wired & Tired
  • Low libido? Let’s talk about it!
  • This 2 hour seminar led by Clinical Nutritionist & Health Coach Donna Hetrick will help you reduce cravings & reboot hormones for a more energized & balanced you!

May 21st, 1 to 3 pm @ BHW   View Map
Cost $20 for individual workshop or $50 for all 3 lectures in series

Staying Fit and FIrm

  • *Defy Gravity
  • *Get in the best shape of your life in just minutes a day
  • *How to stay Motivated & Disciplined
  • *Working out SMARTER….Not necessarily HARDER
  • *Build it up…Don’t break it down!!
  • This 2 hour seminar led by Clinical Nutritionist, Personal Trainer & Health Coach Donna Hetrick is jam packed with tips & hands on demonstrations of how to
  • Keep your body fit, firm and fabulous as you age beautifully & healthfully!

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