Blue Heron Wellness facilitates and hosts health and wellness classes and workshops at its downtown center and in the community.  BHW organizes health and wellness programs using established practitioners in western medicine (including MD’s, osteopaths, chiropractors and mental health workers) and integrative medicine.  We offer yoga, chi gong, meditation and stress reduction classes as well as workshops in nutrition, natural oils,  women’s health, aging, meditation, mindful parenting, mindful eating, smoking cessation and sleep science to name a few.  Blue Heron Wellness offers affordable wellness programs of your choice, at your school, business, or community center to make it more accessible and convent.  Contact us if you would like to request  “wellness on wheels”.

Blue Heron Wellness is the vision of Stacey and John McLaughlin. Stacey Strentz-McLaughlin has been practicing family law in Fredericksburg since 1993 currently with Strentz,Green & Krueger law firm. Stacey started Mediation Solutions to offer her clients a more holistic alternative to divorce and custody.  John has a MD specializing in interventional radiology at Mary Washington Hospital since 1999.  He has studied and practiced mindfulness meditation, yoga, chi gong, and tai chi and is a trained Mindfulness Bases Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher. John also co founded Insight Meditation Community of Fredericksburg (IMCF) and Yoga Foundation of Fredericksburg (YFF), a nonprofit yoga studio.

The Founders

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John McLaughlin, MD and CoFounder. John has been practicing mindfulness meditation for nearly 20 years and teaches MBSR at Mary Washington Hospital. He is a founder and teacher at the Insight Meditation Community of Fredericksburg. He has been practicing yoga, tai chi and chi gong for over 10 years and participated in the MBSR training program with Jon Kabat Zinn at the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.


Stacey Strentz, attorney and CoFounder. Stacey is an active part of the community in Fredericksburg. She has been practicing family law for 22 years and is an avid lover of yoga. Stacey has lived in Fredericksburg for 45 years.  She has been married for 11 years and has welcomed two children, ages 7 and 5.


Steve Watkins, director of the Yoga Foundation of Fredericksburg. Steve has been teaching yoga in the Fredericksburg community for more than ten years. He is certified as an E-RYT-200 by Yoga Alliance (Experience-Registered Yoga Teacher with 200 hours of training), and has taught more than 1,500 yoga classes for students at all levels and for all ages. He started YFF’s At Ease Warrior class for military members, veterans, and their families and helped teach it for the past two years. He also started and taught regular yoga classes for YFF at the juvenile detention center and at a school for teens with emotional and developmental issues. Steve retired as professor emeritus of English in 2012 after 22 years at the University of Mary Washington. He is an award-winning novelist, father of four daughters, and director of Development for Tree Fredericksburg. His author web site is


Holley Ryan, E-RYT200, a light-hearted and knowledgeable yoga instructor. Holly has been teaching in the Fredericksburg area for the past 8 years. She teaches an energetic and creative vinyasa flow class, concentrating on building strength, balance and flexibility. She enjoys teaching beginners and introducing them to the joyful and transformative power of yoga.  Holley focuses on the healing power of yoga, both physically, mentally and emotionally. She helps her students to relieve tension from their bodies through rhythmic movements and long stretches. She also focuses on connecting to one’s  breath as a way to bring peace to busy minds.  Through yoga, Holley helps to facilitate a sense of empowerment and comfortability in one’s body, and helps to connect to them to their always brilliant inner light.  Additionally, Holley has a special 100 hours of training in yoga for those with cancer, heart disease, and chronic illness. For more information, you can visit her website


Eve Kagan, a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, actress, writer, and international educator. Eve has lived all over the world, from Uganda to Kathmandu to Munich, rolling out her mat wherever she goes. Eve has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and has been teaching since 2007. Her classes focus on the connection between body and breath, balancing the physical challenge of asana with a spirit of creativity and kindness. Eve’s students have ranged from age 2 to 72 (even the babies in the bellies of her prenatal students benefit from yoga!) – she is adept at adapting the practice, making yoga accessible to every body. Eve delights in yoga and relishes the opportunity to share it with others.


Bonnie Bell, a Yoga TeacherShe has her 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) through YogaFit and is registered with Yoga Alliance (YA).  Fitness and Yoga are Bonnie’s passion and she loves being able to help others meet their fitness goals and stay healthy.  Bonnie retired in June 2012 after thirty years of teaching and more fully devoted herself to enhancing the health and physical fitness of others. She has always been very active and believes in living each day to the fullest.  Bonnie currently teaches a variety of yoga classes, personal training, and tutors children in the local community.  Bonnie currently lives in Stafford with her husband and has two grown sons. She enjoys spending quality time with family and being a grandma to her grandson, Alexander.  Bonnie encourages everyone to find something to smile about every day.


Audrey A Aird, an E-RYT-200 Yoga /Pilates Instructor (Mat). Audrey is a 200-Hour Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher and certified Pilates instructor.  I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years, and teaching for over 8 years. Yoga along with Pilates is my passion and I enjoy sharing these teachings with everyone. I believe Yoga is for everyone, and during classes I try to create a safe and welcoming environment for students to explore their bodies and their limits. Students can expect modifications for those looking for a more gentle practice as well as amplifications for those looking for an extra challenge. Wherever you are, I encourage moving with mindfulness and ease, and making your practice an offering. I love assisting students in becoming stronger, relieving stress, preventing injury, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I truly believe yoga can be good for everything and everyone, and recognizes all students come to class for many different reasons.   I am very grateful for every opportunity to share the practice with others, and I hope students leave my class feeling both more energized and more relaxed than when they came.

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Dr. Christine Thompson, a practicing chiropractic and nutrition specialist. She has been practicing in Fredericksburg since 1996 and recently shifted her practice to an emphasis on comprehensive Wellness Programs based on the 6 Pillars of Health and individually tailored to each person’s needs and goals. Dr. Thompson emphasizes science and research based natural, safe solutions to common lifestyle-mediated illnesses and health issues.

Dr. Thompson has developed the “Cleanse Your Liver, Energize Your Life!” program to assist and augment the liver’s normal bio-transformation duties of transforming and removing harmful toxins from the body by using high quality plant-based supplements, protein smoothies and dietary restrictions for 3 to 4 weeks. The program is effective for people with digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, weight gain, allergies, joint pain, sleep problems and a host of other health issues.

Donna Hetrick is a certified clinical nutritionist, certified blood chemistry analyst, certified personal trainer and owner of Lifestyle Fitness & Nutrition where she uses a health based model to make individualized and personalized recommendations that yield successful outcomes for her clients. She has over 30 years of experience in fitness and nutrition making her a sought after speaker on a wide variety of wellness, female hormone balance and fitness topics. Donna is a founding member of the Holistic Healers Organization, The H20, which unites integrative, holistic and healing professions in the greater Fredericksburg area.She is nationally certified in personal training by the American Council on Exercise, ACE and has been personalizing fitness programs for clients for over 30 years. Most recently she became certified in Power Plate Vibration Training through the Gray Institute. On the nutrition front, Donna holds a Diploma in nutrition from the American Academy of Nutrition, is a Certified Blood Chemistry Analyst utilizing Free Radical Therapy & the Designed2Win model by biochemist, clinical nutritionist & teacher, H.L. Sam Queen, and is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist through The Clinical Nutrition Certification Board, CNCB. She is a member of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists and maintains a proficiency in exercise instruction, nutritional counseling and holistic wellness by attending workshops and ongoing study. She holds a Bachelors of Science Degree from Clarion University and is a Sr. Team Leader with an organic pantry foods company, Wildtree.